First step
100 USD  will be credited to your account
You will receive 20% of profit
Maximum drawdown is 20%
  • Register an account
  • USD 100  is credited to your account
  • Leverage 1:100 (the maximum profit is 1USD)
  • Maximum drawdown is 20%
  • In order to pass to the second step, you have to earn 1$
  • You can receive your profit at transfer to the next step.
  • Attention: transition to the following step is carried out at 
  • Before transition to the fourth step, or opening of orders with a general size of 1 standard lot (100 price), withdrawal of funds from the real account is limited.
    You can read more in the general rules of the investment program, point 1.9
  • Accounts of the first step from 3080000 to 3100000 can trade only in Mobius Trader 6

  • Full list of rules
  • Own funds cannot be deposited on the investment account!
  • You can trade using own funds on a separate account with standard conditions.
  • Trader can pass to the next stage regardless of time of trading (even in few minutes)
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