We are looking for talented people who may be given funds to manage. We hope, and some data confirm this, that we will be able to find people who will help us to earn hundreds of thousands of USD each month (2-3% per month from the investment amount).

ATTENTION: From May 25, 2014 new rules are introduced. The client mustn't send a passport photo, can transfer to the first and second round instantaneous. However, money withdrawal from the real account is limited. After you receive funds at your real account (belongs only if you received them from the first two stages after May 25), for withdrawal
- into the real account two additional obligations are superimposed:
The first to pass trainings (The section of training in a private office) - training separately
the cost is - 20 cents.
It is necessary to open transactions on 1 standard lot - or 100 cents (it isn't important on what equaty - it is possible to deposit, to open the transaction, then to withdraw everything) or to trade on the means received from the investment account.

In order to participate in the investment program please read the rules and set up an account. You can do this at: http://invest.forexstart.org.



All terms and conditions referring to obtaining funds in management are provided at http://invest.forexstart.org. You can discuss the investment program at our forum.

Starting from the legal age. For Russia - 18 years old.



You have to read the rules of the investment program and choose a strategy convenient for you.

You pay a percentage from a fee to a trader. You do not pay anything to the Dealing Center. We receive only a spread from trader’s transactions.

You can submit a promotion request at any time using the link http://forexstart.org/invest/next-round/




You will suffer a loss in proportion to the trader’s loss.

You will receive an email notifying you about your promotion to the next step of the investment program.

Also, this letter will contain the number of your new trading account.

The account password will remain the same.

This leverage is set by the rules and cannot be changed individually.

On the first step, 100 USD are credited. All accounts of the investment program are cent accounts.



We will not give you more funds.

The investment program is implemented on real accounts. In order to be connected use the "Real" server.



You can pass at any round of invest.programm without earning on the invest.accounts. You can simply register your invest.account - and on 
a real account, attached to it to earn a certain sum. All earnings, certainly, will belong to you. After earning, you simply request
transition to the following stage of an invest.account - and if on an invest.account there is no profit - you will be suggested to pass by means of the real account - then you will be transfered to any of the following rounds (up to the sixth)

You will not be financially responsible for the funds you have lost.

But, irrespective of this, you have to handle the funds that were given to you with due care, because if you lose the funds you will be allowed to participate in the program only subject to the "Second chance" conditions.


Comparing with currency trade, over 99% of those who traded metals suffered losses. That is why it is disadvantageous for the company to provide its own funds for metal trading.



It depends on the step where you are and the profit you will be able to earn.

You will earn 20% of the total profit on the first step.



You have to provide your real account with our Company on which the profit would exceed your loss on your investment account.

The investment program withdrawal procedure is described in the rules.

You should read section 7 Early Withdrawal of Funds of the investment program.

The causes for blocking your account are described in section 6 Account Block of the investment program rules.


Your share of earning (20%-50% depending on the tour) will be transferred to your real account. After that you will be able to withdraw it at once using any available means (WebMoney, W1, or a bank transfer).


If you did not commit a serious breach of the rules and you are sure that you will be able to meet all the conditions necessary for promotion we recommend that you go on trading.


No, you cannot. You must gradually go through all steps of the investment program.


Send us a letter indicating a real account to which we could transfer the withdrawn funds. It is impossible to withdraw money from the investment account directly.



The award for account management will be transferred to you when you are promoted to the next step of the investment program. You can submit a request for promotion at any time here: http://forexstart.org/invest/next-round/.


Due to numerous attempts to use false scans we do not currently accept them. In order to be promoted to the next step you have to send us a photo of your passport which you hold close to your face, with your signature covered. Alternatively, if you are a Russian citizen, you can just send us a photo of your passport, having first covered your signature with your finger.

These are transactions opened for one symbol simultaneously within no more than 10 minutes.



Please do not trade on one of the accounts. Otherwise, both accounts will be blocked.

We are one of the largest Dealing Centers in Russia. We always pay out our traders’ earnings. And why would we give funds if we did not pay our traders their earnings later on?

Yes, they can, but only if they live in different cities. If IP is the same, both accounts will be blocked.



You have to comply with all the rules of the investment program and submit a request for promotion. You can submit the request for promotion to the next step at any time here: http://forexstart.org/invest/next-round/.



You can use an option of early withdrawal from the program or just forget about your account.


You have to submit a request to boss@forexstart.org or to support@forexstart.org.




You will not be able to withdraw profit. It will remain on the account. You will be paid an award for account management. The amount of the award is specified in the rules.


Most likely it occurs because you have not complied with one of the conditions for promotion. These conditions are described in the rules of the investment program. Please take your time and read the rules on the forum or at http://invest.forexstart.org.


You have probably set up a regular trading account. The funds will be transferred only to a special investment account. An investment program account can be opened only at http://Invest.forexstart.org.


It is recommended that a real account be opened simultaneously with the investment account. Sometimes a real account may be already opened or it can be opened later. The data of the owner of the real and investment accounts shall be the same.


Unfortunately, most participants of the investment program are beginners, which is why we had to introduce three first eliminating steps with small funds.



You can calculate the tentative date of promotion to the next step yourself. Also, you can submit your request at: http://forexstart.org/invest/next-round/ and determine if you have been trading for a sufficient period of time.


According to the rules of the investment program, the company may request that your telephone number be verified.

Your failure to indicate your telephone number may result in the blocking of your account.



It is forbidden to edit these data. Your failure to indicate your email address and telephone number properly may result in the blocking of your account. You have to set up a new account.


Chances are you have not complied with some conditions that must be met in order to get promoted to the next step.

The requirements for the transactions are set forth in section 3 of the rules of the investment program.


It is unlikely to result in blocking your account.

If you want to correct your address, please send a request to boss@forexstart.org.




You must use this purse to replenish your trading account. Once the funds are credited to your trading account, you will be able to withdraw them to your Z purse without any prerequisites.


We will not be able to promote you to the next step if you have not complied with some of the conditions.



No, you are forbidden to deposit your own funds to the investment account. But you can trade simultaneously on your own real account with our Dealing Center without any limits.

No. We will provide you with substantial investment funds only after you have demonstrated that you can make stable profits.

You will have to participate in the investment program subject to the general terms and conditions.

The use of advisors is allowed starting from the fourth step. The use of advisors below the fourth step is prohibited.



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